Edward’s Now Page

Last Updated: Nov 30th 2021

This page was inspired by Derek Siver’s now page

Here’s what I’m doing now and what I plan on learning about this year.

The past two years have been a journey for me transitioning from frontend to backend development. Learning about Scala and exposed to functional programming and what mesmerized by how different it is from the general OOP.

At the beginning of this year, I started to write more blog posts and wanted to do a couple of side projects. I’d say hopefully document my experience to the world on what I learn in my workplace, the books that I read, and the journey to going into an Individual Contributor.


Software Engineer at a Startup.


  • Currently reading Design Data-Intensive Application and will document my notes and my thoughts.
  • Learning more about distributed systems and designing systems.
  • Learning Haskell Programming
  • Learning multi-threading, concurrency programming and deeply understand how it works. Perhaps I will buy either The Art of Multiprocessor Programing or either Learning Concurrent Programming in Scala or Concurrency in Java book. Any suggestions regarding tackling Operating Systems and concurrency will greatly be appreciated.

Side Projects

The side project was one of my 2021 New Year’s resolution. I will be doing these during off-hours and also on the weekends.

A little story about side projects - when I just graduated from college, I wanted to build a MOOC search index after graduating from college(I wrote about them here). However, during those times, I didn’t know much about system design and how to build one. I got overwhelmed, and the project didn’t turn out what I expected.

Fast forward 4 years later, I now have a basic understanding of system design and know the software development life-cycle process. I am very excited to create a side project to solve problems that I encountered each day.

Here is the side project that I am currently doing or planning to do:

As I wrote more blog articles on Medium, I started noticing that many publications were created and inactive lots of publications. Therefore, I wanted to build a medium publication index where all writers on the Medium platform can get insights on these publications. I’ll document my journey and showcase it by the end of this year.

If I do have some time this year, I found many interesting problems to solve on operations. As most companies are going into the remote-first work environment, many operations that used to be synchronous can be asynchronous. Some of the operations, such as needing to keep documentation up to date doing the on-call operation, dealing with production issues, and many others, can be hard to maintain in a team. Therefore, I want to create a solution to automate these operations.